December 18, 2023

A poem for the season,
18 December 2023

In the spirit of togetherness, beneath the festive lights,
A poem for the season, where hope eternally ignites.
From the G7’s roundtables, where the leading voices sing,
To the G20’s grand assembly, a chorus of nations ring.
Each country has its story, like ornaments on a tree,
Brightening the world stage, in harmonious decree.
COP’s gathering echoes a pledge to heal our earth,
A tapestry of promises, for a sustainable rebirth.
While APEC’s dialogue weaves through the Pacific’s wide expanse,
Uniting distant shores in economic dance.
Amidst this global forum, where dialogue bridges divides,
Stands the Group of Nations, with open arms and wide.
A beacon of collaboration, through winter’s chill and frost,
Celebrating every victory, and learning from each loss.
We are the threads within the loom, the weavers of the dream,
Crafting a world where peace prevails, and kindness reigns supreme.
As Christmas bells are chiming, we reflect on what we’ve done,
And look forward to a future, where all nations live as one.
So here’s a Christmas carol, for the whole world to believe,
From the Group of Nations, on this silent, holy eve.
We’re more alike than different, like stars up in the sky,
Together we shine brighter, as the yuletide passes by.
May the season’s joy inspire, may our actions resonate,
In the hearts of every being, let us love and not berate.
For in this time of giving, our message is sincere,
Happy Holidays to all, and a peaceful, prosperous New Year from

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