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January 9, 2024

Progress for LGBTQ,
9 January 2024

Gabriel Attal, aged 34, has made history by becoming France’s youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister. His appointment by President Emmanuel Macron marks a significant moment in French politics, symbolizing both a generational shift and progress in LGBTQ+ representation in government leadership.

Previously serving as France’s Education Minister, Attal was chosen for the prime ministerial role following the resignation of Elisabeth Borne, who stepped down along with her government after less than two years in office. This cabinet reshuffle is part of President Macron’s strategy to inject new momentum into his presidency, particularly in light of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris and the European Parliament elections where Macron’s centrist forces face a potential challenge from far-right parties.

Attal, known for his effective communication skills and popularity, represents a stark contrast to his predecessor’s more austere style. His appointment has been seen as a bid to revitalize the government and improve public engagement with the administration. Despite the challenges ahead, including a fragmented national political landscape and a series of crises faced by Macron’s government, Attal’s promotion is viewed as a bold move to rejuvenate the French executive branch.

His task will be to manage the day-to-day operations of the government and implement Macron’s policies, a challenging role given the current political climate in France. Attal’s appointment signals a significant change in style and potentially in policy direction for the French government. His rise to this position at a relatively young age and his open acknowledgement of his sexuality also mark notable milestones in the ongoing evolution of political leadership in France.​