August 31, 2022

The Story of Brunnbäck Water by Rickard Nilsson,
31 August 2022


The story of Brunnbäck Water Brunnbäck is a small community with about 23,000 inhabitants located in the southeast of Avesta, a municipality in Dalarna province in Sweden. Brunnbäck is a beautiful place up on the hill with forest and the big Lake Dalälven that stretches 541 km. Avesta is famous for having the Worlds biggest Dalahorse at 13 meters high and is also known as the hometown of Niklas Lidström (An ice hockey player playing for Detroit Red Wings in NHL), Armand Duplantis (World record holder of the pole vault at 6.21 m). In 1521, there was a historic battle between Sweden and Denmark (War of Liberation 1521-1523) where Sweden won over Denmark. This was a massive victory for Sweden and Gustav Vasa. At Brunnbäck, there is a big Stone as the symbol for the 1521 victory, and the people can go there and read this historical memory on site. Hence the name of this historic Water from Brunnbäck and where our Water is coming from. The Water is approved by the Swedish Livsmedelsverket, a Report issued by Accredited Laboratory and Eurofins with a pH of 7.8.



My name is Rickard Nilsson. I’m 37 years old, and I am the CEO & Founder of Brunnbäck Sweden Natural Mineral Water AB. I was born and raised in Avesta and live 2,5 miles from Avesta in


the countryside with my family today. I was born in an entrepreneur family, where my father used to run a real estate company and a solar energy company in Sweden & Spain. My sister and my wife are also running their own beauty salon business. However, life has not been easy for me – when I was 17 years old, I played floorball semipro, but during one match, I died for 9 minutes. Even though I miraculously survived, I learned that we had a heart problem in our family genes, which means that if we do not get the right medicine, the heart stops.

I have had a Pacemaker implanted for 17 years and am feeling great. In 2014, I tragically lost my father, who took his own life. My father was an entrepreneur with passion; he saw the significant potential and colossal benefit to the environment with solar energy; he decided to make a lot of investment in the Solar energy business, but it was just too early, and we lost 2.5 million EUR which ended up with my father being so physically bad that he chose to take his own life. I have been through many hardships in my youth, but life is about facing challenges, and every adversity I’ve had has strengthened me. I genuinely believe that if you have the willpower, the strength, and proper attitude, everything will work out for the best. Many people ask me how I cope with all these, and the answer I give to them is that nothing can bring me down, and I have a vision and call in this life, and it has taken me eight years to realize what it is. It is to make a difference in this world with the fine Water from Brunnbäck. I would like to put Brunnbäck on the world map. Water is the primary raw material we have, and many experts are talking about water scarcity by 2040, but it’s already starting now.

So now, I founded Brunnbäck Sweden Natural Mineral Water AB on February 20th, 2022. We are growing slowly but at a good pace. My vision is to start selling this fine Water worldwide, and I will also focus on helping vulnerable people who need Water by donating a million litres of Water each year to them. We need to start rethinking and doing the right thing other than profitability. The earth and we as a species must start working together and contribute to a better world on all fronts, such as storage, solar energy, and transport. Switch to Green Energy, but it must be allowed to take time and don’t make a quick decision. After a while, we will see that the decision to take time was wise; however, we still need to move fast.

So we need to take a decisive conclusion. Our water Factory will be 100% powered by solar energy, and our Water will be transported and distributed to our customers by electric trucks or vehicles. We are going to sell our Water in Pet and glass bottles, but we are looking for better options for bottles and labels. We will focus very much on making everything much better for the environment. If you who read this article feel and think like me that you want to make a difference in this world, I am looking for the right investment partners to help me start to build the Factory and sell this quality water worldwide. I plan to launch the products to the market in Q1 2024. I want to invite my future investment partner to come to Sweden and Brunnbäck, and I will show you the location and the plans. So you are most welcome if you are likeminded to me. I have had this vision/call since 2013, and now is the right time to put Brunnbäck Sweden on the world map and help a better world. ■

RICKARD NILSSON CEO & Founder Brunnbäck Sweden Natural Mineral Water [email protected] 0046731592359