DEC 2018


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A Global Briefing Report on Society 5.0

The Official B20 Global Briefing Report published for and distributed at the B20 Summit in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan: Welcome to the 2019 edition of the B20 Summit publication published by CAT Company publications. We are thrilled to collaborate with the London School of Economics and the Global Policy Lab to produce a publication focused on how the global business and policy leadership contribute thought leadership around some of the biggest issues facing our world.  We are particularly proud to have the support of Japan’s organizing committee in distributing our publications to the attending leaders at the B20 Summit for this year’s increasingly relevant and important forum of global leaders—a testament to our longevity in the field and our team’s tireless efforts to produce a publication by the leaders for the leaders.

The issues at hand are many and it is abundantly clear the G20 remains a key forum for managing the global economy beyond the current economic crisis. The membership of the G20—which includes both developed and developing economies—is such that allows for greater inclusion and collaboration; more so than any other global gathering of such nature. The B20, the G20’s business mirror summit has become an important voice and conduit; it integrates the international business community—a key partner—into the G20 process. This group of select business leaders represents the most important industries involved in solution making.  From green growth to food security to employment, the task forces within the B20 have set to research solutions to seemingly intractable issues.  Their cooperation with the G20 leaders is paramount to the efforts to curtail another global economic crisis.

Even though the G20 was the result of the financial crisis in 2008, the institution has carried on well after the crisis.  The G20 has become the venue of choice for multiple stakeholders to come together to carry on complex solutions that require collaboration on multiple levels and via multiple sectors in a flexible format.  That type of work is already being carried out by the B20, which is engaging with multiple partners like the World Economic Forum and the OECD.

We hope you enjoy reading the selection of articles for this edition and that you will email us with any editorial comments and thoughts.