Eriya Unten

Global Partner & Consultant to Group of nations.

Consulting the World’s Leaders: 

In the halls of global decision-making, where the fate of nations and the trajectory of the world economy is often decided, only a select few are trusted with the responsibility of guiding these discussions. Mr. Unten, an esteemed advisor with unparalleled expertise, is one such individual.

Mr Unten helps Mr. Chris Atkins, an influential figure in the spheres of the G7, G20, APEC, and COP; Mr. Unten’s insights have been instrumental. The collaborative synergy between Unten and Atkins has led to ground-breaking consultations, shaping policies and strategies that resonate on a global scale.

Their association is not just a meeting of minds but a fusion of visions. With the G7 focusing on major advanced economies, the G20 encompassing a broader group of major world economies, APEC fostering growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and COP addressing the ever-pressing issues of climate change, the challenges are vast and varied.

Navigating the intricacies of international policies, they ensure that the best interests of nations and their citizens are always at the forefront. Their combined expertise has led to innovative solutions, bridging gaps between nations, fostering collaborations, and guiding global leaders towards a prosperous, sustainable future.

The world watches as G7, G20, APEC, and COP convene. Behind the scenes, the guiding force of the Group of Nations partnership ensures that these gatherings are not just meetings but moments of transformative change.